Zip Lining In Pennsylvania – The Vertical Trek


The Vertical Trek – Roundtop Mountain Resort

Updated 6/8/15 – We enjoyed Roundtop Mountain Resorts Vertical Trek zip line tour so much a few years ago that we decided to do it again – it is worth a repeat.  This tour is completely hidden in the trees on the mountainside so don’t be fooled when you first pull in.  There are a couple of smaller zip lines near the base area but they are part of  Roundtop’s  Adventure Package, but they are not a good indication of the adventure that awaits above! Read more ›

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Weird Outdoor Sports – OGO Balls

When it comes to weird outdoor activities, riding the OGO Balls at Roundtop Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania ranks right up there.  I had experienced their Vertical Trek canopy tour a year earlier and had a blast so I thought I would give OGOs a try. With two types to choose from, they kept me entertained for a solid couple of hours.

OGO Balls consist of an 11 foot diameter ball with a second 6 foot ball suspended inside by 1,200 colorful cords.  Needless to say, the balls are pretty striking visually. Read more ›

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Zip Lining in West Virginia – TreeTops

TreeTops New River Gorge Canopy Tour

The TreeTops canopy tour is everything I love in a zip line tour – natural surroundings, great scenery and a bunch of really fun zip lines.  They make it a point to tell you that they tried to integrate the course into the natural surroundings and they have succeeded spectacularly!

Their website is attractive and has lots of good content.  The only issue I had with it was that it was very slow to load.  Now it could have been my connection, but I’m thinking there were probably some issue on their end.  The good news is that they have a huge phone number and live chat link at the top of the pages so it is easy to get around the slow site. Read more ›

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Zip Lining In Pennsylvania – Laurel Ridgeline Canopy Tour

Laurel Ridgeline Canopy Tour – Seven Springs Resort
After experiencing the Screaming Hawk tour at Seven Springs a while back, I was excited to try their more comprehensive Laurel Ridgeline Tour. While Screaming Hawk is a great activity to pair with some of their other offerings, the Laurel Ridgeline tour can easily be the focus of your day.

Seven Springs is located in the beautiful Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania. The resort is huge with a hotel, variety of food choices and a good selection of other activities that could easily fill up an active three-day weekend. It is conveniently Read more ›

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