Condor Express Whale Watching

Santa Barbara, CA
Family Friendly?:  Yes
Age Range:  All ages
Recommendations:  You will be on the water for at least 4 1/2 hours. If you have trouble with sea sickness, take appropriate measures before boarding.

On a recent visit to Santa Barbara, we enjoyed a great whale watching trip on the Condor Express. The crew, boat and experience were all first rate and a lot of fun.

We reserved our trip well ahead of time because we had been told that they do fill up during busy seasons. The reservation process was very easy and it was nice that they do not actually charge you until to arrive that day. Check-in was easy and quick.


Humpback Tail Flukes

As 10:00 am approached, we were allowed to board the boat and we were directed to the upper deck seating. Two very knowledgeable volunteers gave a brief presentation on what we could expect to see and answered any questions we had. Read more ›

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OGO Balls

Roundtop Mountain Resort, PA
Family Friendly?:  Yes
Age Range:  Ages 6+, ages 6 and 7 must ride with a rider 14+
Restrictions:  Maximum rider weight is 275 pounds, maximum combined weight for up to 3 riders is 550 pounds
Recommendations:  OGO balls are great fun for all ages 6+.  The OGO Balls are part of an Adventure Package includes many other activities.  The sweet spot for the package seems to be families with kids ages 6 to around 14.  Teenagers and adults will enjoy the OGOs but may find the other activities to be oriented towards a younger crowd.

OGO Balls

Looking through an OGO Ball

When it comes to weird outdoor activities, riding the OGO Balls at Roundtop Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania ranks right up there.  I had experienced their Vertical Trek canopy tour a year earlier and had a blast so I thought I would give OGOs a try. With two types to choose from, they kept me entertained for a solid couple of hours.

OGO Balls consist of an 11 foot diameter ball with a second 6 foot ball suspended inside by 1,200 colorful cords.  Needless to say, the balls are pretty striking visually. Read more ›

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Atlantis Submarines

Honolulu, HI
Family Friendly?:  Yes
Age Range:  No set age, but riders must be 36″ or taller
Recommendations:  The subs are fairly roomy and have large windows. However, you will be in an enclosed space with little room to move around. Be prepared if that bothers you.

Atlantis Submarines offers the opportunity to take a tour on a real submarine in a natural environment. That is not something most people get to experience! On a recent visit to Hawaii we just couldn’t resist and we were happy we did.

Atlantis submarine and Diamond Head

Atlantis submarine and Diamond Head

Most of the hotel concierge services and military ITT offices can set you up with a reservation in a couple of minutes. The meeting area is a dock located near the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel in Waikiki. We were staying close enough to walk there, but they offer a shuttle service as part of the package so why not take advantage of it? Read more ›

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Hiking Diamond Head

Honolulu, HI
Family Friendly?:  Yes, for outdoorsy families
Age Range:  All ages depending on physical ability
Recommendations:  This is not a long walk but it is hot, dry and steep in some places. There are confined spaces and drop offs that some kids may not appreciate and may make some parents nervous.

Desert landscape inside the crater.

Desert landscape inside the crater.

Diamond Head is an extinct volcano in Honolulu, HI. Even if you have never been there, you will recognize it as the iconic mountain that anchors one end of the Waikiki beach area. What you may not know is that there is a scenic and historical trail up the inside of the crater that is extremely interesting.

First off let me say that the Diamond Head hike is more of an obstacle course than a true hike. One way it only measures about .7 miles and 570 vertical feet.  However lacking in distance it may be, it certainly makes up for it with breathtaking views and Read more ›

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