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Go Ape at Eagle Creek Park
Being as I travel a fair amount I have always tried to find outdoor adventure in unlikely places, I was pleasantly surprised to find a Go Ape Canopy Tour just outside of Indianapolis, IN. For travellers who are traversing the country on I-70, it is a welcome break from the endless fields and flat of the midwest!

I had visited Go Ape’s Washington, DC and Williamsburg, VA locations in the past so I knew that the Eagle Creek Park course would be well run – and it was.  Since all three locations share the same website, reserving a spot on-line was not a problem.  The only complaint I have about their website is a real lack of information about the courses themselves.  From prior experience, I know they are fun, but some pictures of each course would really help newbies out.

As the name suggests, Go Ape is set in Eagle Creek Park. The park is huge and quite scenic by Indianapolis standards. In addition to the canopy tour, they have all of the amenities you would expect from a park – boating, picnicking, swimming… Be aware that there is a $5.00 parking fee to get into the park, this is on top of the Go Ape fee.

As with all of the Go Ape locations, this course is weighted heavily toward crossings and a little light on zip lines. It is broken into 5 sections that follow a common theme – a bunch of fun crossings followed by a zip line to end the section.  This is a self-guided course so after a safety presentation you are on your own.  They do have staff members roving around in case you get into a pickle, but for the most part you are free to explore.  Spectators can watch from the ground for free, which is nice for families and large groups.  I didn’t count the features, but according to Go Ape there are 39 features and 5 zip lines.  The longest zip is a respectable 450 feet.  The course is plenty to keep you interested for about 2 hours if you keep moving.  The only negative is that you might end up waiting more than on most canopy tours. Because it is self guided, some people/groups move much slower than others creating backups.  They aren’t afraid to put a good number of people on the course so patience is a virtue!

The cost is a reasonable $55 for adults and $35 for kids. It may not be a wilderness experience by any means, but it is a fun way to enjoy an afternoon and would be a great place to introduce family members to canopy tours before travelling to more involved courses. As a break from a cross-country trek on I-70, it is wonderful!

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