Zip Lining in Maryland – Go Ape

Go Ape at Rock Creek Regional Park

You might say that I am a bit of a zip line junky.  After a great canopy tour in Costa Rica, I needed the thrill of some zip lining without the travel time and expense of going to a foreign country.  Happily, there are a good number of choices right here at home!

Go Ape is located just outside of Washington, DC and offers a fun diversion for canopy tour junkies.  Unlike my favorite local canopy/zip line tour – The Vertical Trek at Roundtop Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania (see my review here), Go Ape is more geared toward high crossings rather than zip lines.  But that’s OK because it gives them a different personality and they do it well. Go Ape is to be commended for the creativity of their crossings including Tarzan swings, a variety of bridges, nets tubes and rope ladders.  There are a lot of them and they seem to build in excitement as the tour goes on.  They only have 5 zip lines, but they are a lot of fun.  As I have said in prior reviews, I prefer a course that is in a natural setting and Go Ape fits the bill very nicely. You will totally forget that you are just a stone’s throw from Washington.

The staff was very pleasant on my visit.  They are knowledgeable and truly seem happy to be there – a big plus when you are 40 feet in the air!  As with most canopy tour operations, safety is stressed so you can put your mind at ease and enjoy the experience.  The entire tour takes a bit over 2 hours and costs $55.00 for adults.

The bottom line for me is that the Vertical Trek at Roundtop is still my favorite in the Mid Atlantic because it is more heavily weighted toward zip lines (10) but offers fun crossings too. However, Go Ape is a very good second choice. If you prefer climbing around high in the trees more than zipping, Go Ape may sneak into the #1 spot for you!  To see more about Go Ape, please select here.


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