Zip Lining in Pennsylvania – Screaming Hawk

Screaming Hawk Zip Line at Seven Springs PA

Screaming Hawk – Seven Springs Resort
We recently had the opportunity to experience the Screaming Hawk zip lines at Seven Springs Resort near Pittsburgh. Screaming Hawk consists of 4 long zip lines with some climbing elements and takes a bit over an hour to complete.  Most of the course is out in the open so you get some long views while you zip, but you don’t get the sense of flying through the treetops like you do on some of the more natural tours.

Screaming Hawk is a cross between a short canopy tour and an amusement park zip line experience but don’t let that turn you off because the zip lines are totally legit and a lot of fun.  The zip lines range from 350 feet long to a totally respectable 780 feet with a maximum height of 60 feet (according to the guides). They build in length as the tour goes on so there is always something even better to look forward to. Perhaps the scariest part is the auto belay that ends the course. If you are not used to auto belay systems, it can be quite a thrill to step off the platform and feel that split second of drop before the system gently lowers you to the ground.

Seven Springs has a wealth of other activities to try so the shorter canopy tour is OK. Other activities include Segway tours, an alpine slide, horseback riding, summer tubing and much more situated around the huge hotel and base area. For a complete listing, visit their website at

Screaming Hawk is open daily through Labor Day.  It is reasonably priced at $47.00 per person.  Reservations are strongly recommended, but they do accept walk-ins if there is space available. To make a reservation, call 800-452-2223, ext. 7997. It is located at the Seven Springs snow tubing lodge so be sure to go to the right place as the base area is sprawling.

They now also offer a new longer tour called the Laurel Ridgeline Canopy Tour that is built on the ski slopes and offers a more comprehensive experience. I can highly recommend Laurel Ridgeline and my review is posted here.


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