Zip Lining in Pennsylvania – The Full Monty

The Full Monty – Spring Mountain
Spring Mountain is a small ski resort located just north of Philadelphia, PA. They offer a surprisingly entertaining canopy tour with a good selection of zip lines. They rebuilt the course for this year and I can say that it is smoother and faster than my prior visit.

The full tour takes between 2 and 3 hours, but you can opt to do a shorter version if time (or money) is tight. The entire course is called the “Full Monty” and that is the tour we chose. A visit to their website makes it clear that reservations are required.  Unfortunately, I could not find a link for on-line reservations so a phone call is required.  You can download release forms however. The reservation and base area staff have stepped it up since my last visit and I am happy to report that they were helpful and friendly.

After checking in, you are given a short, but thorough safety briefing before heading to the top of the course. The guides appear to enjoy their work and are personable, but pretty low-key – which is just the way I like it!

At the top of the course you do a little bit of walking through some rocks before you reach the first zip line tower. Unlike some courses, you dive in right away with a series of 3 zip lines that are very enjoyable. After the first set of zip lines, you cross a fairly long bridge that delivers you to a platform with some options.  You can either choose to do another zip, or rappel off the platform, take a short walk and then climb a cargo net to rejoin the course. As I knew there were a good number of zips yet to come, I opted to rappel and climb. After the climb, it’s back to the zip lines. One fun zip and a pretty challenging swinging bridge bring you to the final 3 zip lines on the course. In my opinion, they saved the best for last.  The first one is fast and runs through a narrow cut in the forest so you really get the feeling of flying through the trees that I love. The final two zips are also fun and fast. This final section also includes a Tyrolean crossing, which is a rope traverse that climbers use to bridge gaps between rock faces. It is probably the one place on the course where newbies may have doubts. However, it is all bark and no bite – anyone can do it! The course ends with a rappel to the ground.

The Full Monty is $109.00 on weekends, holidays and weekdays after 4:00 pm however they do offer lower prices during the day midweek and have a very prominent $20.00 off coupon offer posted right above the rates on the site. The Full Monty is a solid canopy tour option if you find yourself in the Philadelphia or Pocono region. They also offer a “Heart of Darkness” night-time tour on Friday nights that sounds very promising. I plan to try that one when my schedule allows.

To make reservations, call 610-287-7900 ext. 100 or e-mail Their website is

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