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ZipRider – Montage Mountain

ZipRider is a completely different animal from a traditional canopy tour.  This is a pure amusement park style ride that only requires you to sit back and go. Unlike many zip line tours, you need very little physical ability to enjoy this zip line – you are simply along for the ride. And what a ride it is!  It is long (about a half mile), high and fast.

On the top platform, you are strapped into a harness that is more like a chair than a climbing harness.  In spite of what your first impression may be, the harness is actually very comfortable.  A unique feature is that they have 4 lines so you can race down with up to 3 friends.  Once you are all ready, they open the gates and off you go.  The view is expansive and the ride is eye watering fast but because of the long running length, you have plenty of time to take in the experience.

As you approach the landing platform, the lines are designed to provide braking so all you have to do is sit back and trust that you will stop – which you will.  Because of how the facility is situated on the mountain, it feels even bigger than it is.  It is certainly a worthy attraction for a visit and is conveniently located just minutes off I-81 exit 182 in Scranton, PA.  Montage also features a nice waterpark in the base area.

As of May 2013, they are offering an unbelievable deal on ZipRider – only $10.00 per ride!  In terms of bang for your zip-line buck, this one just may be the best value you will ever find!  For more information, or to reserve on-line, please visit If you are looking for a pure adrenaline rush, check out ZipRider!


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